Making MP3s Using Live Recordings

I recorded a friend's band using my Sharp MD recorder and Sony condenser microphone. I stood more on the right side than the ideal middle because the other spots were already taken so naturally the recording came out louder on the right side which I fixed later at home using Soundforge software. After inputting the entire recording through the analog jack of my computer into Soundforge creating stereo wav files and making sure the levels were high enough to hear without clipping or distorting, for each one I did the following:
1. Process at the top
2. Channel Converter - Name: Stereo to Stereo-Pan center, use Right channel only
Output channels to Stereo-New left channel 65% / 50% New right channel 50% / 50%
and pressing the OK button.
Finally, after normalizing all, I saved them as wav files and then converted them to mp3s with a free converter that I downloaded from
Music Side Thoughts And Rambling
Willie Dixon wrote Hootchie Kootchie Man and in 1954 Muddy Waters first recorded it in the studio with Willie there on bass. In the song are the words "got 700 dollars and don't you mess with me". If you go to clicking on consumer price index calculator and then typing in $700 and 1954 you can see that it had the same buying power as $6,057.29 today in 2013. Elvis Presley bought a $5,000 pink Cadillac in 1955 that he gave to his mother and that cost today would be about $43,427.80.
A new Cadillac ATS sedan goes for $33,095 to $55,000 and that $43,427.80 is right about in the middle.

Willie Dixon sings Hootchie Kootchie Man.

Elvis Presley sings Heartbreak Hotel.